Well, ...

... to cut a long story short: in the past twenty years I have been playing keyboards with most of Austria´s Rock-Pop-Musical-artists in most of Austrias´s concert halls, theatres or recording studios. At present, I´m mainly touring with Lukas Resetarits, writing the songs for and accompanying him at his great "Kabarett"-programs (more info at www.knowme.at ). But since I came to Vienna in 1978, there have been quite a lot of notes to play, especially with

(in somehow chronological order)


from left to right:
Erich Plank, R. K., Pauli Schaffer, Georg Freismuth, Michael Freismuth, Martin Polsterer

played music by and in the style of Blood, Sweat & Tears, Doldingers Passport, Chicago and so on

Later we performed some Rock-Musicals (Jesus Christ Superstar (1978), Joseph (1982), Fata Morgana (1985)) together with the Choir of the BG+BRG Eisenstadt throughout Austria.

Apostroph II

with Peter Wuscics (aka Peter Roberts), who is now working in the USA (where he wrote a big hit for George Benson), and Heribert Metzker (dr)

The band won Austrias biggest band contest of that time (Popodrom).


One of the first bands I played with in Vienna. This band was a real source of inspiration and we had incredibly much fun. We played some kind of jazzrock including a fine brass section. Many of the members of that time made a great musical career afterwards, as there were
from left to right:
Robert Kastler (keys), Willi Gesierich (g), Heribert Metzker (dr) [>The Form, plays on every second Austrian recording ;-)], Gerhard Mayer (as, b) [>Schroeder, ...], Christian Radovan (tb), Mischa Krausz (b), Otto Hübl (ts, voc), Andy Radovan (g) [>R. Fendrich, ...], Karl 'Bummi' Fian (tp) [>Vienna Art Orchestra, ...].

Lukas Resetarits

Lukas Resetarits had to perform one of his songs ("Da Wüde an da Mischmaschin' ") for the "Ohne Maulkorb" - TV-magazine. A friend of mine, who worked there as an editor, called me and, meeting us there for the first time, we did the recording successfully (thanks gitti !!) - since then we have been performing more than 100 gigs a year together .....

Erika Pluhar

Erika and Toni Stricker searched for a pianist for a series of concerts - Mischa Krausz, who had already played an André Heller - Tour together with Toni, proposed me for the job. So, after heavy rehearsels in the old "Austrophon studios" (underneath the famous "Konzerthaus"), we toured six weeks through Germany and Austria (together with Alex Munkas an drums and Paul Fields on violin).

Chaos de Luxe

Great rock & blues band which finally consisted of Hansi Dujmic † (lead voc, g), Mischa Krausz (b, voc), Alex Munkas (dr) and myself (kb). We made uncountable gigs throughout Austria and recorded some singles and one LP.


Peter Cornelius

Peter heard Chaos de Luxe at a gig somewhere and engaged us for a two month tour through Germany, Switzerland and Austria.


One of the rare Austrian real-Jazz-Rock bands which played in many different formations. Besides Thomas Boeroecz (dr), who founded the band and composed most of the songs, there played Heinz Jaeger (b), Rens Nieuwland (g), Harry Sokal (ts), Karl 'Bummi' Fian (tp) and many others.

Hansi Dujmic † (aka "Dew Mitch")

One of the greatest guitarists & singers I ever played with. Wrote most of the songs and lyrics for Chaos de Luxe, which then had been arranged by the band. After the split of the band, he succeeded playing Elvis in a musical (featuring his great voice) and made some successful recordings as "Dew Mitch". Soon after that, he tragically died. He left a big hole in my heart.

Mischa Krausz

Bass player of Chaos de Luxe, composer & arranger. Fixed element of Austria´s musical scene. Has been playing in uncountable bands & theatres, teaches bassplaying in Wr. Neustadt, composed two Austrian "Grand Prix d´Eurovision"- contributions (with Stella Jones resp. George Nussbaumer).
More info on www.mischakrausz.at

Alex Munkas

Drummer of Chaos de Luxe and many other bands ("Minisex"). Runs his own studio "TonArt" (Vienna, Testarellogasse), where he records & produces artists like "Hans Theessink", "Bluesbreakers" or "Die Buben".

Tangerine Dream

Somehow got in contact with Edgar Froese and we made some soundtracks in his "Purbacher"- studio in Burgenland as well as in Berlin. Was a great experience.


Band of the carynthian sax / flute player Hubert Waldner. His music is a fine mix of Pop, Jazz & Funk - elements. At that time, the band consisted of Thomas Achleitner (b), Heri Metzker (dr), Bernhard Penzias (g) [derzeit in Amerika] und Pauli Haslinger (keys), who later became member of Tangerine Dream.

Maria Bill Band

from left to right:
Heribert Metzker (dr), Martin Kunz (g), Fritz Brenner (keys), Maria Bill (von hinten, voc), R. K. (keys), Mischa Krausz (b)

Member of the "Musikergilde"
If you want more info about the Austrian music scene, just visit the
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