The International Glenn Miller Society
since 1950

The Glenn Miller Society
3 Pieneview Close
Verwood, Wimborne
Dorset BH21 6NN

membership is
GBP 10.00 per year
(as of Jan. 1, 2004)

If you are interested in more detailed information about
The International Glenn Miller Society,
please feel free and contact the secretary at the address given above!

Here are some of the front pages and contents of past issues of the GMO magazines:

Issue No. 289 of the magazin 'Moonlight Serenader' (2002/4):
  • Is this the last photograph taken of Major Glenn Miller?
  • The GMO chronology: Glenn's army orders filter through
  • CD reviews and news
  • 1960: Mac-GMO still on the road
  • Tex Beneke memories
  • Recitals revisited

Issue No. 293 of the magazin 'Moonlight Serenader' (2003/3):
  • Death of a clarinet genius (Peanuts Hucko)
  • Freddy Guerra has died
  • Tom Sheils dies
  • CD reviews and news
  • The times are changing
  • Dateline 1966: Mac steps down for new leader
  • Recitals revisited
Issue No. 297 of the magazin 'Moonlight Serenader' (2004/2):
  • Centenary Recital draws record attendance
  • Reflections by John Charman / Colin Farmer
  • Roland Taylor adds a footnote
  • Billy May dies at 87
  • News and CD Reviews by Dick March
  • GM Centenary: SLO at Croydon: a triumph!

Sweet memories on those GMS 'Recitals' 
Richard March is presenting
news & reviews on records
in his incomparable manner
Roland Taylor is studying his 'Miller Bible'
to check the recording data and personnel
of the GMO session that we listen to
During the break of the program there
is time to have tea & busciuts and to
look out for collector's gems
or to have some relaxing 'girl talk' ...
... or to have some interesting ...
... or some emotional expert talk
- by keeping friendships of course
and filled with good humour!
Sometimes it happens that you
meet a man with the same tie you have -
and real men take it with a smile!

bandleader Brian Luck (left) and the author
After some hours of good music,
interesting news and a lot of fun
good friends take time to be in the
farewell photo to certify the great day

from left to right:
Roly, Karin, Dick, Eddie, John, Paul


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